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James Jones Photographer Cimarron Art Gallery Philmont, NM James Jones Wildlife PHotographer Cimarron Art Gallery Philmont, NM

Washington State wildlife photographer, James T. Jones earns his living on the edge of unfolding wildlife adventures, photographing the spectacular, dramatic and surprising events of his travels.

James has enjoyed a reputation as one of the nations most successful, professional and respected wildlife photographers since 1984. His love for the outdoors coupled with his self-taught skills in the use of a camera enables him to project in his images an expression and reflection of his love of nature and composition.

Jim's award-winning photographs, known for their incredibly sharp detail and accurate colors, are proudly displayed in galleries and private collections throughout America and in many countries of the world. Jim's unique images have also appeared in and on front covers of corporate publications, commercial brochures, outdoor equipment, catalogues, travel and outdoor magazines, note cards, calendars and books.

A dedicated family man, Jim loves to share his desire to explore, experience and photograph nature with his wife Janet, son Jack and daughter Jennifer. They have experienced many memorable moments together on some of Jim's expeditions to Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, all the Northwestern United States and South Africa.

Jim and his wife, Janet, work together and strive to bring to you a top quality, ready to enjoy wildlife picture that you can be proud to own or give as a gift. Janet adds the woman's perspective as she studies each photograph carefully for its overall color scheme and then hand cuts the appropriate colored mats that will most enhance the image, thus complimenting the decor of any home or office.

Eagle 1280 by James Jones Cimarron Art Gallery Philmont NM "Tuckered Out" by James Jones Cimarron Art Gallery Philmont, NM "In the Shadows" by James Jones Cimarron Art Gallery Philmont, NM
"Eagle #1280" "Tuckered Out" "In The Shadows"